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Creating self-driven new leaders and saving senior executives time.

I help develop new leaders to become more self-driven and, subsequently, give their superiors more time for their preferred business activities or taking time off.

By helping the new leader become aware of their personal foundation and strengths and encouraging them to utilize these qualities.



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“This program has clarified for me how I can add the most value and has empowered me to take action on those matters. I genuinely needed assistance in finding answers regarding what I should prioritize and how to navigate my professional life. I have acquired a completely different understanding of what truly matters to me.”

Sara Porskrog


I'm Camilla

I used to lack the ability to make decisions for myself, prioritize, and take responsibility for my own direction.

I read. I traveled. I meditated. I went silent. I studied. I worked.


I learned to understand my own foundation: my goals, values, vision, drive, and purpose. It made me capable of setting an inspiring direction, communicating effectively, prioritizing, making decisions, and taking responsibility.

That is what I share with others in my work.

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The methodology

I am changing the paradigm of traditional leadership development.

When developing or promoting leaders, the primary focus is traditionally on qualifications and competencies, while the personal foundation is often neglected.

The problem with this is that new leaders fail to understand what is driving them (motivation), what they strive for (mission), why they do what they do (purpose), and what values they stand for.


This means they don't know how to motivate themselves—or others. They struggle in setting their own direction, they don't know what they want, they have difficulty making decisions on their own, and they are not confident in their choices.


They have no foundation for leading themselves. So how can they be expected to lead others or be self-driven?

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What's the alternative?

I empower new leaders to comprehend their foundation: their drive, motivation, goals, mission, purpose, values, and direction.

This cultivates confidence in them, making them self-driven, confident in making decisions, able to set a direction, and are naturally confident in leading others.


It also saves senior executives time by reducing the need for as many questions.

They become leaders whom people follow because they want to, not because they have to.

The reason the personal foundation is often overlooked is that uncovering it can be challenging. Therefore, I have developed a method to address this, which is included in the Leading Impact Program for new leaders.

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Do you want confident, self-driven leaders?

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