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My story

I am happy you found your way to this site. Below you'll find my story and the reason why I do what I do.

On a gray January night, while sitting on my sister's couch, she suddenly asks me:

'What would you do if everything were possible?'


I fall silent. I have never thought about my work - or life - in that way before.


Honestly, I know why she's asking: she asks because my mood has been low for a while.


I mean, it's been below ground-level low.


After some serious consideration, I feel the muscles in my cheeks move, and the sides of my mouth begin to lift.


I'm smiling at the answer that's in my mind. I respond to her with laughter and relief:


'Then I would leave my job and go travel.'


Three days later, I hand in my notice and book a plane ticket to travel the world.


I'm relieved that I'm finally taking action to address the frustrations I have about not knowing what truly makes me happy and motivated in my career.


However, I become disappointed while traveling and pursuing further education.


None of these things give me insight into what I should do and what genuinely makes me happy and motivated in a job.

What finally provides me with the epiphany I've been searching for is when a mentor of mine asks me some personal questions:


'What is your purpose? What are your values? How do you want to contribute to others?'

These are the personal insights I've been searching for- Without knowing it.

They are not in the textbooks or in exotic experiences around the world.


They are right there, inside me.


But I needed another person to help me figure it out.

Her questions are one of the best gifts I've ever received, and I immediately feel like passing this level of insight on.

Understanding my foundation has empowered me to take full leadership over my career, being able to prioritize, make decisions for myself and others that I stand by, be confident and take full responsibility.


Today I help others find their foundation in order to do the same.

And I'm thankful that I get to share what I have experienced works both for myself and others.

What I stand for

Values: Courage and contribution .

In every decision I make and every challenging situation I encounter, I am guided by my two core values: courage and contribution. These values serve as my driving force. In my daily work, this is evident in the way I courageously challenge the status quo. For the better of myself and others. I firmly believe that things can be improved, and that individuals should never settle for anything less than genuine joy in their work. This is what I constantly strive for. As a result, I consistently experience high energy and passion when I either demonstrate courage or contribute to others.


My guiding vision for the future is:

"A corporate world where people gain more energy from their jobs than it consumes."


My mission is to contribute to realizing this vision by enhancing the daily work experiences of individuals at all levels within the corporate world. In essence, it's about enabling people not just to survive but to thrive in their daily work.


I'm always open for a dialogue.

Let's have a talk.

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